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Treatments for Skin Pigmentation

Melanocytes are cells that produce pigment and influence one’s skin colour. When there is an abnormal production and deposition of melanin, it results in excessive skin pigmentation known as hyperpigmentation. There are several causes for pigmentation including UV exposure, hormones, skin trauma and genetics. Pigmentation can be differentiated as epidermal (superficial), dermal (deep) and combination. Skin pigmentation and skin types require different treatments and UV protection on a daily basis.

Results Laser hair removal Clinic provides a number of treatments and technologies for pigmentation. This includes the most advanced Lasers, IPL pigmentation, microdermabrasion, scientifically proven chemical peels and skin treatments to provide the best solution. More importantly, therapists cater to your individual needs and budget by providing an honest and realistic outcome in the consultation. When discussing treatment options with your therapist, you will be advised both of your suitability for the treatment, costs and benefits.

Everyone will have different colour skin and the ideal look of healthy skin is an even skin tone.  There are a number of factors that affect skin quality and skin disorders such as pigmentation and these affect the colour of your skin too. Darker skin tones tend to pigment, scar and mark more easily compared to lighter skin tones & they leave behind a lot of permanent pigmentation marks. Results Laser Clinic offers safe solutions for different skin types.

Cutting-Edge Treatments

These are combined with cutting-edge treatments with the use of a highly advanced range of skincare products, which help in enhancing the skin’s natural beauty. They effectively target uneven skin tone and pigmentation and restore the lighter & brighter even skin tone and give you glowing and radiant skin.

The products and treatments we use are also effective in the treatment of coloured patches or spots on the skin. The patches and spots are a result of increased melanin production in the skin when its cells become unhealthy or get damaged. Pigmentation can occur in patches on different parts of the body including the face. It is an extremely common condition and can be easily managed with Advanced Laser Treatments.”

Highly Effective Treatments

Most skin pigmentation conditions can either be minimised or corrected as they are generally a temporary condition. However, it is important that you get the skin treatment from a certified and well-established clinic. The Results Laser Clinic has expert dermatologists and skin care professionals that have the experience and the training to ascertain which products will be best-suited for your individual skin type and condition. For more information please visit our website or contact us via this online form.


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