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Laser Hair Removal For Men

laser hair for men

Laser Hair Removal For Men

Unwanted hair

Men are now increasingly finding the need to permanently eliminate embarrassing body and facial hair. Whether you are an athlete, swimmer, beach goer or simply want to impress the missus; laser hair removal is the way to go. Trends have shown a dramatic rise in laser hair removal for men over the last decade. We are now seeing over 70% of the male population joining the laser hair removal revolution – you could be next!

Laser hair removal for men

Laser hair removal for men is proven to be the safest and most effective way to eliminate unwanted hair without the unnecessary side effects that shaving and waxing can cause. Some of the most popular treatment areas are, but not limited to

  • Legs laser hair removal
  • Back laser hair removal
  • Brazilian laser hair removal
  • Chest laser hair removal
  • Stomach laser hair removal
  • Face laser hair removal
  • Bottom laser hair removal
  • Arms laser hair removal

Laser hair removal treatments for men

Typically, male clients need between 6-10 sessions on any given area. These should be done every 4-6 weeks apart for optimum results. Usually clients experience an 85 – 99% after a full course of laser hair removal.

Why men should choose Results laser clinic

At Results Laser Clinic, 40% of our clientele is comprised of men wanting to remove unwanted hair permanently. Here are just some reasons why more men are choosing Results laser clinic for laser hair removal

  • Accredited and certified laser hair removal practitioners
  • Affordable male hair removal packages
  • Trained and qualified laser hair removal technicians
  • Specialists in laser hair removal for men
  • Customised tailored packages to suit each individual male
  • Medical grade laser technologies
  • Highest customer service standards
  • Labeled Sydney’s number one laser hair removal clinic for men
  • No false promises
  • Highest reputation in the laser industry for proven results

Advantages of laser hair removal for men

Laser Hair removal treatments can range from 5 to 60 minutes depending on the treated area. For example, treatment can be as quick as 5 minutes for the lower back to approximately 60 minutes for the legs. Besides the obvious advantage of permanent hair reduction, other benefits include the alleviation of ingrown hairs, painless and much more effective than temporary traditional methods mentioned above.

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