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    About Open Pores

    Perfect your pores.

    Pores are openings to the hair follicle and are common skin priorities. Oily or ageing skin is more susceptible to enlarged pores as follicles are prone to being congested with debris and natural oils. If left untreated, this can lead to blackheads or acne.

    Treatments for breakouts and acne work to clear the congestion, control the bacteria, promote healing and encourage the body to naturally renew healthy skin.

    The solution

    • Exfoliation
    • Stimulate collagen & elastin to resurface the skin

    Rejuvenate and promote natural collagen production with our combination of treatment programs. Our passionate clinical therapists will leave you with a smoother surface and a pore-fect complexion.

    Skin Confidence With Our Tailored Open Pores Solutions:

    • LED Light Therapy Facial

      Medical grade microdermabrasion deeply exfoliates dead skin cells smoothing the surface of the skin, and reducing pore size. LED Light assists in healing the skin and stimulating collagen.

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    • Skin Needling

      Lightly punctures skin using a Dermapen, which stimulates cell renewal, collagen & elastin which shrinks the enlarged pores. Improving skin texture and smooths, hydrates & rejuvenates skin.

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    • Fractional RF Laser

      By driving microneedles and radio frequency heat into the skin it stimulates collagen production to repair and resurface the skin's texture, preventing the formation of enlarged pores.

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