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    About Stubborn Fat

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    Whilst we embrace different shapes and sizes, cellulite is known to cause body woes and particularly challenging to remove. Clinically proven, our Pollogen TriLipo Radio Frequency technology uses non surgical techniques to effectively reduce the appearance of stubborn cellulite.

    Stubborn fat deposits can develop on different parts of the body. Despite exercise, dieting, and a healthy lifestyle, it is sometimes hard to lose certain areas of fat within the skin. Stubborn fat can be attributed but not limited to hormone levels, irregular dietary habits and excessive alcohol consumption.

    Our Fat reduction and body contouring treatments can target particular priorty areas of fat which are slow to reduce naturally, such as:

    • Stomach
    • Thighs
    • Inner arms
    • Buttocks

    We tailor treatment programs to treat your skin priorities and encourage at home maintenance to ensure you achieve a defined, smoother and tighter appearance.

    Skin Confidence With Our Tailored Stubborn Fat Solutions:

    • Fat Reduction & Body Contouring

      Fat Reduction technology generates heat to the targeted fat cells and releases them using radio frequency energy. Causing our bodies to metabolise and remove the released fat via lymphatic drainage. It also reshapes the skin by causing immediate collagen contraction that stimulates collagen reproduction.

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