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    About Stretch Marks

    Resurface and regain your confidence.

    Stretch marks are long, narrow streaks, stripes or lines that develop on the skin. They occur when the skin is suddenly stretched and are extremely common. Stretch marks can also affect the texture of the skin.

    They can form when we go through periods of rapid growth, like pregnancy, teenage growth spurts or sudden weight gain/loss. This skin priority is commonly found on the stomach, breasts, hips, buttocks and thighs.

    Stretch marks often start out purple or red as the blood vessels are nearer the surface of the skin. This fades as the vessels contract leaving paler lines.

    Using innovative Radio Frequency technology, treatments for stretch marks reduction can concentrate on reducing the colour, smoothing the texture or encouraging the dermis to naturally regenerate completely and smoothly.

    Skin Confidence With Our Tailored Stretch Mark Solutions:

    • Stretch Mark Removal

      TriFractional laser technology uses tiny micro needles and Radio Frequency to create micro wounds which trigger the body’s natural healing response. It allows for new skin cells to be generated and replace the damaged ones, visibly reducing the appearance of stretch marks whilst the skin heals.

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