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    Dermal Filler / Lip Fillers/ Anti Wrinkles/ Hair Regrowth Laser Hair Removal

    Our aim at Results Laser Clinic is to be the premier cosmetic clinic for beauty achievers. We do not care about genetics. We combat every imperfection necessary to generate that high-end, stunning appearance that propels our patients towards their ideal lives. Patient safety is the number one priority. Given the inherent hazards, we take our obligation to provide sophisticated medical treatments very seriously.

    At every point of the client’s journey, we believe in a high degree of honest and open communication, which enables informed decisions. We provide a variety of specialist treatments in Northland, such as Dermal Filler / Lip Fillers / Anti-Wrinkle / Hair Regrowth / Laser Hair Removal.

    Dermal Filler Northland

    Lip Enhancements will increase the volume of your lips! Bring back the lost volume of your lips with our Dermal Fillers Northland wide service, the safest non-surgical therapy that will enhance, contour, and restore your lips' aesthetic volume. It can also assist with wrinkles around the lips by making the skin more resilient to wrinkling.

    Dermal Fillers are made from hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring sugar in the human body. They are non-toxic and straightforward to use. The procedure is a natural, nearly painless alternative to cosmetic procedures with long-lasting effects.

    Our skilled cosmetics experts can improve and augment your lips with immediate, apparent effects. We personalise our remedies for you! When you schedule a free consultation with our Cosmetic experts, they will evaluate your physical characteristics and devise a treatment plan depending on your preferences.

    Lip Fillers Northland

    We were not all born with the pout we admire on supermodels and superstars, but here's a small hidden truth: neither were most of them. Whether you have reduced lip volume due to ageing or just were not blessed with the full lips you crave, lip fillers can give you the pout you desire.

    Your smile and lips are frequently the first features people will notice about you. How many love tales begin with an individual spotting a grin across a busy room? Make yours distinctive. You've come to the perfect place if you want to increase your volume, obtain a fuller shape, or fill in wrinkles that have formed. At our clinic, we provide the most advanced and safe lip fillers in Parramatta. 

    Enhance the size of your lips with Lip enhancement  ! Bring back the lost volume of your lips with your lip enhancement procedures, the safest non-surgical therapy that will enhance, contour, and restore your lips' volume. It can also benefit the environment. The treatment is a natural, nearly painless option for cosmetic surgery with long-lasting effects. Our lip-enhancing therapy allows the lips to gradually gain volume while preserving their natural look.

    Anti-Wrinkles Northland

    Bid farewell to wrinkles! Anti-wrinkle injectables are a safe cosmetic surgery that relieves and diminishes fine lines, expression lines, and creases, resulting in a rejuvenated appearance. Enhance your smile and regain self-assurance as we rapidly diminish your wrinkles, frown lines, and crow's feet.

    The injections provide a shield between the overactive muscles and the nerve endings, reducing movement and decreasing the visibility of lines. Anti-Wrinkle Injections have now proven themselves as successful therapies for a wide range of other aesthetic issues and a range of neurological and medical illnesses, despite primarily being employed to address facial expression lines.

    We strive for continuous progress and excellence in our care, abilities, service, and outcomes. Practitioners at our clinic are meticulously selected based on their dedication to this principle.

    Hair Regrowth Laser Hair Removal Northland

    Our skilled clinical therapists employ medical-grade Candela GentleLase Pro and modern GentleYag Pro technology to remove unwanted hair from most skin types. We personalise your treatments! When you schedule a free consultation, our therapists will evaluate your undesired hair and skin type before developing a treatment plan focused on your preferences.

    Our Candela GentleYag Pro equipment allows us to treat customers with darker skin tones. Our advanced laser hair removal treatments in Northland are tested and have been in use for over 15 years, and Results Laser Clinic has performed millions of these Laser Hair Removal operations.

    Our clinic has a staff of highly skilled therapists who have been educated in the most advanced laser hair removal technologies. Due to our dedication to attaining the most satisfactory outcomes for you, we can guarantee you low costs and flexible appointment times.

    Thousands of clients have trusted us to provide their Dermal Fillers Northland, lip fillers Northland, anti-wrinkles treatment Northland and Hair Regrowth Northland, Laser Hair Removal treatments for many years. Our approach is to uphold the ideal of excellence, to be deserving of this confidence. Training is a way of life for individuals who are committed to greatness.

    For information about our Dermal Filler / Lip Fillers/ Anti Wrinkles/ Hair Regrowth Laser Hair Removal please call Results Laser Clinic at 0278098898. You can also schedule an appointment via this Book Now page. We will help you with all the information you need about our treatments and how you can benefit from them.


    Results Laser Clinic Near You

    At Results Laser Clinic Northland, our fully qualified Clinical Therapists and Registered Cosmetic Nurses offer a range of Laser Hair removal, Skin Treatments, Body Treatments  & Cosmetic Injectable Treatments for clients in Northland and the surrounding suburbs of Coburg North, Reservoir, Heidelberg West, Coburg, Thornbury and Bellfield.

    Skin, Body & Laser Hair Removal Treatments

    All of the staff at Results Laser Clinic Northland are accredited and qualified clinical therapists who provide tailored programs to suit your individual needs.

    Using only medical grade laser and IPL technologies that are the latest on the market today, we aim to only provide you with the very best treatments at the most affordable prices.

    Cosmetic Injectables

    Our highly experienced, registered Cosmetic Nurses are able to provide cosmetic injectable services which includes Cosmetic Dermal Fillers or Anti-Wrinkle Injections. Our medical team are one the most talented practitioners in Australia and are dedicated to providing you with the latest and most advanced products and treatments available on the market. See our portfolio of results for this clinic.

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