Zap your Spider Veins away.

Spider veins are also known as Telangiectasia and are clusters of minute blood vessels that appear near the surface of the skin, and look like spiderwebs. The individual veins measure between 0.5 and 2 millimetres in diameter and are commonly seen on the nose, cheeks, chin, upper thigh and below the knee joint.

Using medical grade laser and innovative Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, our clinical therapists can effectively reduce the appearance of spider veins with minimal downtime.


Results Laser Clinic has treated thousands of clients with spider veins using the Candela ND:YAG technology. The laser light works by emitting light pulses that force the spider vein to collapse, without doing any damage to the surrounding surface area of skin.

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IPL and Laser treatments work by blasting the broken capillaries back into the bloodstream, allowing the body to reabsorb the broken capillaries a few days after treatment. The treatment uses Medical grade laser treatments using Palomar StarLux / MultiLux – Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Candela’s ND:YAG 1064nm Laser technologies.

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My spider veins were effectively treated by laser and I am so pleased with the results.

Ruth- Kellyville Ridge NSW

I wore a mini dress for the first time in a few years because you guys got rid of my spider veins on the back of my legs!

Katrina-Dee Why NSW

My ankles and lower legs had so many veins and now they are gone after only 4 treatments. I am stoked!

Tamer- Canterbury NSW