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IPL vs Laser: Which is better?

What do we want?

Efficient, effective and safe hair removal.

When do we want it?


At the forefront of a saturated market of hair removal options sits Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) handheld devices versus Laser Hair Removal treatments. The main difference between these processes consists of IPL handheld devices allowing you to remove hair from the convenience of your home at a reduced cost – but at what cost?


IPL handheld devices are a short term method of removing hair. However as IPLs use intense pulsed light as opposed to a singular laser beam used in laser hair removal, the strength of the light and the effectiveness of the hair removal results from the IPL handheld device is often diminished which will require you to undertake more sessions. With most IPL handheld devices, results last up to a week, where you’re required to repeat the sessions once a week for the first 3 months.


In contrast, Laser Hair Removal relies on a concentrated laser beam being targeted at a single hair follicle, effectively destroying that follicle without damaging the skin and tissue around it. In as little as 6 to 10 laser hair treatments done 4-6 weeks apart, there is a 85-99% rate of hair reduction. Laser Hair Removal sessions can take from as little as 5 minutes to just an hour and are performed by clinical therapists who use medical grade Candela technology.


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Which hair removal method is best for hard to reach areas?

With Laser Hair Removal, the use of Candela Gentlelase Pro and GentleYag Pro technology allows the safe and efficient hair removal from any skin tone as well as most body parts: legs, arms, back – you name it.


Unfortunately, the IPL handheld device is difficult to use by yourself on areas such as your back as well as not being suitable for use on dark skin tones.


What methods of aftercare are there?

Whilst IPL handheld devices are easily sourced from online sites, there is little to no aftercare and support in the scenario of an adverse reaction.


However with the laser hair removal process, the treatment process doesn’t just end once the laser hair removal session is over. Whether you’re seeking to laser for the first time you’re welcomed by a free consultation  with a clinical therapist prior to your treatment session to aftercare support as well as access to the Results Active Recovery Gel which is a MUST HAVE post treatment. The recovery gel is essential in soothing your skin after laser as it contains aloe vera and polysaccharide.


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