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Grooming with Laser Hair Removal

Grooming with Laser Hair Removal

Although beards have become a hipster fad, male hair removal is on the rise in time for summer, but how far should a man go with his manscaping?

Are hairless legs just for athletes, should a man trim or go bare down there? Should he wax or get laser hair removal and be-rid all unwanted hair permanently? But most of all, if a man removes his hair from his body will he still be considered a man? YES! Think Vin Diesel or Channing Tatum.  Women want them and men want to be them.

At Results Laser Clinic we understand the concerns for men and their unwanted hair and as Australia’s most trusted skin and laser clinic, your concerns are in the right hands, when you step foot in one of our clinics.

We cater for all men, both light and dark skins, and will help personalise your hair removal treatment plan to best suit your concerns, wants and needs, producing optimal results.  We only use non invasive medical graded laser technology that emits light absorbed by the colour in your hair follicles.  The laser travels under your skin to the root of the hair, disabling your hair regrowth but does not damage your skin, resulting in hair free areas from as little as 6-10 treatments.

Fact: Now with more than 30% of our clients being men, we are definitely seeing a rise in male clients.  In fact up to 85% of Australian men are opting for permanent hair removal with full support of their loved ones, not only for their back, chest or midbrow, but now for their cheeks and male Brazilians!  To be hair free, smooth and sexy is now the trend!  After all, we are in the 21st Century.

So when it comes to male grooming, here are our do’s and don’ts to help you make an informed decision for your hair removal treatments with us.

Here’s what we believe men shouldn’t do:

  • Use at home waxes and sprays that can result in an unwanted rash and possible reactions
  • Don’t be silly and do a rushed cheap home job, do it right and feel right.
  • Don’t attempt to pluck your own eyebrows and mid brow.
  • Only shave your chest if it’s part of your prep for laser hair removal.  Don’t just shave it to just remove your hair.  This will leave you will potential irritation that you won’t want!
  • Don’t get fancy with hair design patterns on your body.

What we believe men should do:

  • Laser hair removal for your back, chest and cheeks
  • Say goodbye to the mono-brow with laser hair removal for your mid brow
  • Go below your lower back line with your laser hair removal, onto your buttocks to help control the known “hairy areas” on a man, noting that a male Brazilian is optional and up to the individual, but can be done with us.
  • Having said that, we recommend you treat your below-the-belt line areas.
  • Clean up your arm pits, so they don’t look like the pits.

Results Laser Clinic only provide fully qualified and trained staff, along with world class laser technology to have you at ease with all treatments you receive with us. Call us today on 02 9893 8883 or visit to find your nearest clinic to receive up to 70% off manscaping laser hair removal needs.


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