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Microdermabrasion in Sydney producing the celebrity look in under 30 minutes

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Microdermabrasion in Sydney producing the celebrity look in under 30 minutes

Have you noticed celebrity faces gracing the covers of magazines, billboards and red carpets and their skin always looks so polished and smooth? It’s not just makeup that makes anyone’s skin smooth.  Skin conditioning comes down to how you cleanse and treat your skin too, especially in pollution heavy cities like Sydney. Now you can achieve a glowing complexion with Medical Microdermabrasion, that will restore your face and leave your skin silky smooth, in your lunch break!

Whether you want to refresh dull skin, reduce acne and scarring or start restoring ageing skin, or cleanse the city pollution off your face, our Microdermabrasion treatment will help!  Our treatment will remove dead skin cells by gently vacuuming and exfoliating your skin using tiny diamond tips, smoothing away fine lines and bringing the star out in you! To help take your results to the next level, Results Laser Clinic believes Microdermabrasion is best accompanied with an oxygen infused facial and LED Light Therapy.

After your treatment, when oxygen is infused onto your skin, you will instantly see a reduction in fine lines, have rehydrated skin and experience a nice plump look to your skin with a glow ready for any event or selfie taking moments.

However, the ultimate cherry on to top of these two treatments is to add an LED Light Therapy treatment that rejuvenates, soothes, smooths and speeds healing, all aiding in the new collagen being produced, ultimately brightening your skin and day.

Australia’s most trusted skin and laser clinic has highly trained and qualified staff in Sydney that will help your face look smoother, younger and healthier in just 30-60 minutes! Visit www.resultslaserclinic.com.au or call now.


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