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Medical Microdermabrasion – Queensland

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    Be ready to bare your beach body with the ultimate summer skin makeover with Medical Microdermabrasion – Queensland. You can turn your dry winter skin into summer smooth skin with Medical Microdermabrasion. Often winter can leave our skin feeling dry or flaky and before summer hits, we want to restore and revive our skin before we hit the beach and now it’s possible in under 30 minutes!

    Whether you regularly visit Burleigh Beach or The Sunshine Coast, you can gently exfoliate with our diamond tip Microdermabrasion treatments to not only safely keep your pores clear of sweat, but to remove dull skin, congested skin and uneven skin tone resulting in a smoother texture and restoring your youthful appearance.

    As you may know with any time in the sun skin protection and hydration are keys to helping prevent ageing skin.  As Australia’s most trusted Skin and Laser clinic, we highly recommend that you regularly apply SPF50 like our Active Protect and moisturise to hydrate the skin.

    Hydration can also come from our Oxygen Facial Therapy

    Which is the perfect partner in crime for our Microdermabrasion.  The Oxygen Facial is one of the most sought after celebrity skin treatments to get anyone picture perfect. Think of oxygen like icing on a cake… Oxygen will plump up your cheeks and help reduce fine lines around your eyes and lips, in your lunch break!

    In just 6 – 10 weekly treatments you will see a dramatic difference in how your skin looks and feels.  Your skin will be refreshed and silky smooth allowing your makeup to go on smoothly with ease. 


    Save time and buy Medical Microdermabrasion – Queensland from the comfort of your own home via a Results Online account! You can also book a complimentary consultation online! See our full price list here.

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