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Marionette Lines

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Marionette Lines

Marionette lines refer to the lines or wrinkles that extend from the outer corners of the mouth down towards the chin and jaw line. These can be a problem area, as people’s eyes are drawn to the lower part of your face while you talk and communicate. If you have deep marionette lines, they may cause you to appear unhappy, even when you’re not!

How is it, that marionette lines come to be? As time passes, ligaments that hold skin volume in place weaken, causing volume from the mid face to descend towards the jaw line. The muscles that naturally pull down the corners of the mouth may accentuate the accumulation of skin around the jaw line. Thus, marionette lines form.

At Results Laser Clinic, we treat marionette lines with cosmetic dermal fillers. Our cosmetic dermal fillers are composed of a complex sugar. This complex sugar occurs naturally within the human body, thus rendering it an entirely safe dermal filler injection to treat marionette lines. So safe in fact, that allergy testing is not required prior to this treatment.

Our highly trained cosmetic nurses essentially inject the dermal filler into the problem area to plump and smooth it out, and lessen the severity of the marionette lines. This can all be done in a very short amount of time. There is minimal recovery time needed- the worst side effect you may see after dermal filler treatment for marionette lines is slight bruising. The dermal fillers last for approximately six months, and are naturally absorbed back into the body as time progresses.

At Results Laser Clinic in Sydney (and soon Melbourne and Brisbane!), we always employ the highest standard of product, and service in all areas of our business.  Although we are known for our state of the art laser hair removal techniques, our dermal filler injections to correct marionette lines and problems in the lower face are just as much frontrunners in the field of cosmetic enhancement.

Don’t dance like a marionette on a string to the beat of ageing and time- treat your marionette lines today at Results Laser Clinic


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