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Skin Needling: Pen vs. Roller, which is best?

skin needling vs roller

Skin Needling: Pen vs. Roller, which is best?

What is skin needling?

Clinical Skin Needling is rising in popularity for those in pursuit of the perfect skin. This skin resurfacing treatment is effective on uneven skin, scarring & age lines alike. The needling part refers to the tiny surgical needles, which are used to lightly puncture the skin, breaking down bumps, scar tissue & age lines. This process stimulates the body’s natural healing processes including the natural production of new collagen. The result is a new, smoother skin surface.

But what holds the needles you ask?

There are two technologies:

The DERMAL ROLLER  is a mechanical device with surgical Micro Needles protruding from a wheel. This is rolled up and down the affected area. The upside is the simplicity, the downside is that it can create ‘tearing’ wounds, as the roller moves forward, leading the needle to exit the skin at an angle, which can be quite painful.

The  NEEDLING PEN contains surgical micro needles, on a motorised head. Rather rather than using a rolling action, the Dermapen moves the needles in and out at a rate of about 1000 times per second, delivering tiny vertical punctures, creating less trauma to the epidermis. The head can be adjusted to vary the depth to which the needles penetrate the skin.

Where do I get Clinical Skin Needling?

Results Laser Clinic uses the Needling Pen at their 40 clinics nationwide. All treatments are performed by our expert therapists. Book a free, no-commitment consultation, to find out more & whether skin needling will help achieve the goals you’ve set for your skin.

Resurface & Repair your skin

Clinical skin needling can help improve skin texture & reduce the size of open pores, in just one treatment. 4-6 treatments are usually needed for severe acne scarring or age lines. Spring is a perfect time to craft your look for the summer & parties ahead.




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