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Can a facial cure a hangover?

 A new take on facials

The “Micro O2” is a mini-combination of two treatments; Microdermabrasion & Oxygen Facial Therapy. Its a results laser Clinic signature facial & the Oxygen facial therapy is equivalent of infusing cups of water into your face. Sound interesting?

So, we’ve all experienced a hangover of some sort – waking up looking ten years older from lack of sleep, with dehydrated, dull lifeless skin & last night’s excesses & sticky bar floor, clinging to our pores.

While you reflect on your decisions, planning your next sleep & drinking plenty of water to fix how you feel, there maybe a solution that can help how you look.

So how does it work?

After a thorough but relaxing cleanse – which may put you to sleep – it starts with exfoliation: Passing over the face, with a diamond tipped wand, removes the top layer of dead skin, opens & decongests the pores, removing all traces of the ‘night before’ not to mention the day before that!

Then comes soothing regeneration. Oxygen serum & active ingredients are infused directly into your skin to instantly re-hydrate & kick-start the repair process.

What does it do?

In only 20 minutes it achieves a smoother texture & brighter more even skin tone. Your face will look & feel lifted, reducing the appearance of fine lines around the eyes & mouth, creating better definition around your cheeks & jaw.

Hangovers mean dehydrated skin & constricted pores. Microdermabraision & Oxygen Facial Therapy decongests & rehydrates the skin.

The best bit

Down-time is zero, you can put make-up on straight after & show up looking a million dollars.

Look & feel great today

You don’t need to feel hungover, the “Micro O2 is the go to facial for models & A-listers who love that dewy fresh-faced look. Book-in & look fabulous for the big events as well as the day after!

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