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how to remove blackheads

How to remove blackheads: DIY or skin treatments?

With Spring making a return soon, discover whether DIY or skin treatments are the better option in your blackhead removal journey to pore-fection! 

What are blackheads and how are they formed?

When your skin is clear, the openings around a hair follicle are free from dead skin cells, allowing the production of oil to flow to the surface normally. Blackheads are formed when the opening around a hair follicle is clogged with dead skin cells and sebum(oil).

how to remove blackheads

What you should never do with blackheads

  • Use abrasive cleansers and exfoliants as your skin can be irritated further
  • Squeeze blackheads as the inflammation can be pushed deeper back into your skin and eventually cause scarring


How can you remove blackheads?

Blackhead extractor tools

We all love a bit of do it yourself time but when is it the right time? Blackhead extractor tools seem like a more hygienic alternative to using your fingers to expel blackheads. However, as pores are openings that surround a follicle, most of the time home extractions are done at an incorrect angle, placing your skin at risk of inflammation. However, our qualified clinical therapists will be able to determine the correct angle to extract your blackheads from or suggest the right treatment for you.


DIY Pore strips: are they worth it?

how to remove blackheads

A popular ‘band-aid’ fix for blackheads are DIY pore strips. You’ve seen it. We’ve seen it. The instant satisfying reveal and rip of the strip to unveil a clearer nose.


However, DIY pore strips are only a temporary cosmetic fix and do not prevent blackheads from forming again. These pore strips can also be irritating for sensitive skin as they create trauma to the skin.


Skin treatments

how to remove blackheads

Skin treatments such as Microdermabrasion decongest and clarify your skin through the use of the innovative diamond tipped wand to gently exfoliate your face free of dead skin cells, leaving your skin ready to absorb the benefits of your favourite skin treatments or skin products. For an extra detox try our Microdermabrasion, LED Light Therapy and Extractions. After a Microdermabrasion, our fully qualified therapist can safely and effectively extract your blackheads and complete your treatment with LED Light therapy to stimulate collagen and tighten those pores.

how to remove blackheads using chemical

Chemical peels such as the Acne Beta Peel use a tailored solution of salicylic and dioic acid to deeply cleanse the skin, eliminate acne causing bacteria and effectively decongest pores. Additionally, it is an anti-inflammatory agent, accelerating the reduction of redness and irritation in the skin.

removing blackheads

We highly recommend the healing properties of the LED Light as it strengthens the benefits of the Acne Beta Peel by

  • Encouraging cellular renewal and repair
  • Stimulating collagen and tighten pores
  • Soothe redness and inflammation
  • Accelerating healing process


A skin routine that keeps on giving

removing blackheads

To prevent blackheads from appearing in the future, sticking to a balanced skincare routine will do your skin many favours. Washing your face twice daily as well as exfoliating 2-3 times a week with products that are gentle to your skin’s pH levels is best post treatment practice once all redness and irritation has gone.


Sulphate and paraben free, Results Active Clean is a gentle everyday foaming cleanser that removes makeup and daily residue. Whilst simultaneously maintaining the pH balance of your skin, aloe extract conditions your face’s moisture levels!


Additionally, daily sun protection is a imperative to prevent your skin’s natural oils from being stripped and being prone to premature ageing. Results Active Protect SPF50+ is a skincare staple as it offers sun protection in an oil free and lightweight formula, perfect to be worn on its own or for it to be layered under makeup.


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