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    When Summer hits we all look forward to warmer weather, sunnier days and excursions to the beach. There is nothing worse than waking from a beach snooze, with your face red raw from the sun …. Results to the rescue!

    This month, Results Laser Clinic have tailored a Sun Rescue package of LED Light Therapy, Results Active Protect SPF 50 and Recovery Gel plus a Micro Oxygen Infusion Facial! Return from your Summer holiday fresh faced and rock your inner glowing goddess.

    Ray Rays Go Away

    Despite warnings from the professionals, sun kissed skin has long been the ‘must have’ to compliment our Summer wardrobes. As much as we yearn for a glowing complexion and enjoy the sun’s nourishing warmth, it can rapidly become harmful to our skin.

    Whether it be ducking out for a quick walk, popping out for coffee, to frolics at the beach – exposure to UVA/UVB rays damages elastin fibres in the skin. Prolonged exposure leads to painful sunburns, dryness, pigmentation and premature ageing. A far cry from the bronzed goddess we hope to transform into!

    3 Essential Steps To Rescue Your Skin After A Sunburn.

    Our summer skin routine needs to focus on exfoliation, sun protection and hydration – after all, your face is the first thing we see. However, for those who aren’t quite in the routine, Results Laser Clinic have created a Sun Rescue facial package as a relief from the Australian sun.

    Step 1 | Heal

    LED Light Therapy
    Your journey from lobster to Tash Oakley begins 24 to 48 hours post sunburn. After a cleanse, relax under the healing LED Light, while you reflect on your Summer skin sins. LED Light Therapy increases your skin’s ability to recover from a sunburn whilst calming and reducing the redness. Prolonged exposure to UVB/UVA rays slows collagen production and increases the appearances of fine lines. LED Light Therapy helps to rejuvenate as well as encourages collagen production and cellular repair.

    Step 2 | Take Home Products

    To maximise results from your LED Light Therapy, don’t leave your appointment without our Results Active Recovery Gel and Active Protect SPF 50+. For the next 2 weeks it is important to nourish your skin at home.

    Active Recovery Gel 100ml
    It’s rich combination of essential oils, lavender and polysaccharide, the perfect remedy for irritated and damaged skin.
    Tip: Apply as a face mask twice daily to soothe and extract heat from the skin. Place recovery gel in the fridge for that extra cooling effect.

    Active Protect SPF 50+ 100ml
    The most important way to protect your skin from harmful UV rays is by wearing a high quality sunscreen. Results Active Protect SPF 50 has been reformulated to provide you with extra protection and avoid those dreaded sunglass marks. Focus on areas where the skin is particularly delicate such as the face, neck and chest.
    Tip: “Mix our Active Protect with your favourite foundation for flawless coverage as well as added protection.”

    results product
    Step 3 | Hydrate

    Micro Oxygen Infusion Facial
    Our signature Micro 02 facial is a MUST 2 weeks post sunburn, to build on the LED Light Therapy, as extreme heat and sun exposure can leave your skin dry and flaky. The Micro 02 is a mini combination of two treatments that includes 4 easy steps: cleanse, exfoliation, hydration and infusion.

    Exfoliation assists with removing dead skin cells and decongests pores, into which oxygenated serum is diffused. It’s active ingredients aim to rehydrate, reduce the appearance of fine lines and kick start the renewal process.
    Tip: “The perfect pick me up facial and makeup can be applied immediately after to maintain that glow!”

    For more essential summer treatments and offers, check our offers page.

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