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Acne treatments: Turn that Zit to Zilch with Chemical Peels and LED Light Therapy

Fluctuating hormones, changes in lifestyle and eating habits can stress out our skin. Investing in acne skin treatments, can help you turn that zit to zilch – read on to find out how.


Addressing deeper issues (skin, that is)

There are causes of acne that can be preventable and those that are slightly more difficult.

Vamping up your beauty routine with acne treatments such as the Acne Beta Peel + LED Light

Therapy targets stubborn acne causing bacteria beneath the surface of your skin, banishing it to irrelevance and beyond!

The Acne Beta Peel uses a combination of Salicylic Acid and Dioic Acid to deeply exfoliate the skin, soothe redness or inflammation and reduce future breakouts. It can also treat

– Clogged pores

– Blocked comedones which are small skin coloured bumps often found on the   forehead

and chin

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Whilst the Acne Beta Peel deeply penetrates the skin to tackle acne causing bacteria, the healing properties from the LED Light Therapy treatment accelerates the healing process by
stimulating collagen and cellular repair.

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Post treatment, Results Active Protect SPF50+ is a MUST HAVE as it ensures that your skin is nourished but also protected from the sun. Oil free and lightweight, it can be used under your everyday makeup long after your skin treatment to ensure that your face stays away from the harmful ageing rays of the Sun.

To maintain a clear complexion long after your treatments, Results Active Clean is an everyday cleanser for the face and neck. Sulphate and paraben free, it gently removes makeup and impurities without disrupting the pH balance of your skin.

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So… can acne be prevented in the first place? And if so, what are the causes of acne?


  • Excess production of oil 


The main causes of an excessive production of oil are dehydration, over exfoliating, using harsh products and skipping moisturiser.

SOLUTION: By following a regular skincare routine that matches your skin’s pH level, a balanced amount of oil is maintained, minimising the chances of an excess production in oil. 

Additionally, maintaining a healthy level of water intake will ensure that your skin is in good working condition, flushing out toxins as well. 


  1. Hormones 

Many women notice that their acne develops or worsens before their menstrual cycle due to the change in hormones which contribute to the blockage and thus, the inflammation of pores. Conversely, teenage boys and young men have higher levels of androgens, leaving them susceptible to developing acne. 


  1. Bacteria 

Acne bacteria on the skin flourishes in the excess presence of oil, contributing to the acne development process. 

SOLUTION: Throwback to those times we were told to keep our hands off our face by adults – turns out they were right, bacteria is easily transferred from our fingers onto our face throughout the day. Especially in a digital world that revolves around smartphones and technology, the warm surfaces of our phones are the optimum grounds for breeding bacteria.


  1. Dead skin cells 

A buildup of dead skin cells, sebum and an overproduction of oil results in inflammation, which then prompts the body’s natural immune system to fight off the bacteria. 

SOLUTION: Regular exfoliation such as Microdermabrasion treatments will clear away dead skin cells, allowing your favourite skin care products to work more efficiently. Dependant on your skin priorities this can be on a weekly or fortnightly basis.


  1. Ingrown hairs

Whilst ingrown hairs aren’t a direct contributor to acne, infected ingrown hairs bear a similar resemblance to pustules (red and inflamed bumps). It often occurs when dead skin clogs up your pores, forcing the hair follicle to grow alongside the skin instead of outwards and upwards. 

SOLUTION: Regular exfoliation with Results Active Smooth will prevent the build up of dead skin cells whilst Laser Hair Removal is a more effective and longer lasting solution in reducing hair growth. Smoother skin, no worries! (literally)


The general consensus is ensuring that your face and skin is clean and balanced with a good skincare routine to prevent dead skin cell and oil buildup: cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise so you can wave acne goodbye! Shop the Results Active Range here.


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