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Chemical peel side effects: Top 5 tips post treatment for healthier, happier skin

Here are the top 5 tips to ensure that you have a smooth recovery and avoid any adverse Chemical Peel side effects. The concept of chemicals being applied to your face may not seem like the most appealing process in the world. By understanding what to expect post Chemical Peel, you’ll be ready to set your skin up for smooth blissfulness!


Chemical peels have a range of benefits from decongesting your pores, killing acne causing bacteria, smoothing out uneven skin tone and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

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What to expect post treatment

You’ve just finished your chemical peel and your face is glowing but let a day pass and your skin is feeling a bit tight – you may be wondering, is this normal?




Whilst there is minimal downtime, you may experience redness in the next 24-48 hours post peel. Additional side effects that’ll disappear in 24-72 hours include:

  • Slight Redness
  • Tightness
  • Flaking in certain areas
  • Breakouts indicate impurities being purged which is a good sign!
  • Increased sensitivity
chemical skin peel side effects



  1. Avoid active ingredients such as AHAs, BHAs and Vitamin A until your skin has healed from all sensitivity and redness

AHAs and BHAs are naturally derived chemical exfoliants which exfoliate away dead skin cells, resulting in a brighter and more rejuvenated appearance. As the skin has been newly exfoliated from the Chemical Peel, it has increased sensitivity and any active ingredients can cause irritation, impacting the healing process.


  1. Avoid sunlight where possible

Immediately post treatment and for the next 24-48 hours, you face will be prone to photo/light sensitivity – so sun protection and limiting your sun exposure is a must. A lightweight, oil-free formula, Results Active Protect SPF50+ is a non negotiable in your daily routine to ensure you are protected from the damaging effects of the Australian sun.


  1. Avoid picking your face!

Flaking may occur in the days following your treatment. Avoid picking to reduce chances of infection, irritation, pigmentation or permanent scarring. It is important to apply the Results Active Recovery Gel which is packed with essential oils, allantoin, lavender and polysaccharide to help cool and soothe the skin.


  1. Use mineral makeup or even better no makeup at all

With your face being cleansed free of dirt, dead skin cells and oil from the treatment, your pores are wide open and prone to infection. The best thing to do in the next few days post treatment is allowing the area to breathe but it’s understandable that life commitments that require the use of makeup is unavoidable, we feel you.


Regular makeup has a high concentration of chemicals which can cause irritation and breakouts. Ask about Velvet Co mineral makeup range to see how you can let your skin heal without compromising on your daily look. Their 100% mineral makeup has soothing properties to calm red, irritated and dry skin.


  1. Sleep on your back and regularly changing your pillowcases

To allow your face to breathe, sleep on your back. Regularly changing your pillowcase will also prevent your skin from coming into contact with the build up of oils, dirt and sweat that accumulate from daily use.


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