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My chemical romance: a chemical peel review

My face has undergone its fair share (and weight) of makeup, pollutants and incorrect products at the prime age of 21 so I decided to try out a Chemical Peel to target my congestion and breakouts.

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Communication with the skin

From when I first started my ‘makeup and beauty routine’, I’d tested out numerous foundations as well as skin products on my face, gifting me with the unwanted presence of breakouts and rashes! What I learnt from these trials and tribulations was that it was mostly due to self diagnosing my skin priorities and then selecting the product I think was right in ‘fixing it’- which proved to be a very costly process in hindsight! Whoops!




From the initial consultation, the clinical therapist determined that for optimum results, 4 to 6 sessions of the Acne Beta Peel combined with LED Light Therapy would be the best option as it aims to effectively bring acne & breakouts under control and risk future scarring.


Breaking up with bad habits – finding the right base

I decided to go with a combination of the Microdermabrasion treatment, Acne Beta Peel and the LED Light Therapy treatment to achieve optimum results that would also guarantee minimal downtime.


The Microdermabrasion treatment involves the gentle motorised exfoliation of dead skin cells of the skin which resulted in clearer pores as well as a decongested base for the acne beta peel to work its magic on.


Firstly, a pre peel was applied which had a tingling sensation before the acne beta peel was applied.


When the acne beta peel was applied, I let the therapist know from a scale of 1 to 10 on how it felt on my face with 1 being barely nothing whilst 10 meaning I am in discomfort.


As I have sensitive skin, I felt an intensity of around 6/10. After the peel was removed, a combination of serums was applied as well as the Results Active Protect SPF50+ which would soothe, nourish and protect my skin.


To accelerate the healing time as I was working for the rest of the week, I was recommended to undergo LED Light Therapy treatment. Different wavelengths work to target acne causing bacteria as well as aid in speeding up the healing time, reducing redness, leaving you one step closer to rekindling with radiant and more refreshed skin!


Saving time by going simple

From the consultation and treatment process, I was able to understand the importance of less is more and hence, I paid particular care to lifestyle activities that were to be avoided immediately post treatment.


Things to avoid post Chemical Peel treatment

things to avoid post treatments

What aftercare is involved post Chemical Peel?

As life doesn’t stop for us, the sun doesn’t stop for our skin which is why ensuring that my face was moisturised but also protected with Results Active Protect SPF50+ was SO IMPORTANT. Light-weight and oil free, which meant I could go about my day with ease.


Overall comments/ investment that show

I felt like the combination of the exfoliating properties from the Microdermabrasion treatment, the clarifying results from the Acne Beta Peel and the healing benefits from LED Light Therapy all played a part in targeting my acne and breakouts.


As the Results Active range is formulated specifically to be used with the treatments, I felt reassured and supported in my post treatment experience as I didn’t have to worry about the products not working or my face experiencing an adverse reaction whilst healing – and that’s saying something from someone who has sensitive skin!

That being said, this review only covers my personal experience and yours may differ as everyone’s skin priorities are different. Book in a complimentary consultation with a fully qualified therapist who can guide you through your beauty journey.


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