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causes of dry skin

What causes skin dryness?

The last thing anyone wants to do after spending most of their week indoors is to stay in the weekend just because their skin is looking dry and lacklustre. By understanding what causes skin dryness and what treatment solutions there are to combat this – we can revive that glow from within!

dry skin

What is dry and dehydrated skin?
Dry skin can appear flakey, feels rough, tight, textured and sometimes be red or itchy. Dehydrated skin is a lack of water in the top layer.

What causes skin dryness?

Skin dryness is caused by a variety of factors:

  1. Prolonged exposure to the Sun

Love the warmth but not the damage? It’s known that the Sun dries out and reduces the skin’s natural oil levels. This leaves your complexion looking dry, flaky and prematurely aged. It is important to wear apply sunscreen with a high SPF such as our Results Active Protect SPF 50+. It’s lightweight and non greasy formula is great for everyday wear.


  1. Weather

During the cooler months, humidity levels drop and time spent indoors rises meaning an increase in exposure to indoor air-conditioning systems, resulting in dryness. To restore lost moisture, our best seller Medik8 Hydr8 B5 is packed with Vitamin B5 to prolong hydration and promoting skin regeneration.


  1. Age

As we age, your pores produce less oil which naturally results in dryness. Living hard and fast in your 20s exposes us to excessive lifestyles, less sleep, prolonged sun exposure and environmental pollutants. This affects your skin’s structural integrity. As we age, the protective barrier of lipids in the skin lessens – resulting in the reduced ability to retain moisture.


  1. Taking long hot showers

One of the joys of Winter is being able to take long hot showers. BUT did you know that your daily hot shower isn’t so friendly after all? Hot water strips the body’s skin of it’s natural oils, resulting in dryness.


  1. Allergies

Certain cleansers, soaps or detergents can trigger allergic reactions, leaving your skin dry and irritated. By avoiding harsh chemicals and ingredients, you can reduce your chances of experiencing irritation.

causes of dry skin

Common misconceptions: dry skin’s friend or foe?


It doesn’t just stop at moisturising

It seems obvious that in order to hydrate your skin, we commonly add a moisturiser on top? However, hydration starts from within and misusing moisturisers is more common than you think, so don’t worry! Drinking plenty of water can assist with restoring lost moisture in the top layer of the skin.


Over-exfoliating can cause more harm than good

Dry skin often results in flakiness and whilst over-exfoliation seems like the solution in returning your skin to its former glory, it can actually do more harm than good. Over-exfoliating can result in your skin’s natural oils to be stripped, leading to further dryness and possibility of irritation – which is not what anyone wants !


Whilst there are many causes of skin dryness, there are also many types of treatments such as Microdermabrasion and Oxygen Infusion Therapy that can recover your skin’s radiance from within.

Step 1

We begin with a double cleanse to remove makeup and impurities.

Step 2

Using the MediPro diamond-tipped wand, we effectively decongest pores and the build of dead skin cells in your pores

Step 3

Now that you are left with a fresh and flawless base – a serum rich in antioxidants is infused into the face to restore lost hydration and plumpness.

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#RealPeople Microdermabrasion and Oxygen Infusion Therapy

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