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Do blackhead vacuums work?

We’ll admit it: black head vacuums that can be done in the comfort of your own home? We’d be lying if we said we weren’t almost sucked in by this viral beauty trend. Let’s explore whether blackhead vacuums really work in bringing your pores back to its clearest best.


Blackheads or sebaceous filaments?

Not a type of acne, sebaceous filaments are a normal part of the human body that happens when oil forms around a hair follicle. Oil dilutes the pores, making them look prominent.

blackhead vacuums
blackhead vacuums

What are blackhead vacuums?

Blackhead vacuums are a handheld device that have been advertised to suck out your blackheads, leaving your skin spotless. Seems too good to be true? Let’s find out …


Convenience – but at what cost?

Easily accessible on the web, the main aspect that sets professional extraction methods and the blackhead vacuum at home devices is the quality of the equipment used. With the blackhead vacuums, there’s no guarantee on the grade of the parts of the device used.


Blackhead vacuums used at home without the supervision and application of a skincare professional can cause trauma to the epidermis. Whereas our qualified therapists can determine how much suction strength is required according to your priority areas.


A common permanent side effect from using a blackhead vacuum is Telangiectasia – which occurs when blood vessels dilate from too much pressure on the skin. It often appears in the form of red thin lines and requires skin treatments such as laser therapy to restore the skin to its original state.


blackhead vacuums

Skin Treatments

Our qualified clinical therapists gently exfoliating the face free of dead skin cells and debri using a diamond tipped wand, Microdermabrasion resets your complexion back to its decongested best. The build-up of excess oil and environmental pollutants within the pores are gently sucked through the wand using the correct pressure for your skin type.


You know what’s even better? Microdermabrasion treatments can be done in as short of a lunch break. With the Micro Express that lasts only 10 minutes, you’ll even have time for dessert after your well deserved skin treat!


Chemical Peels such as the Acne Beta Peel uses a tailored solution of salicylic and dioic acid to deeply cleanse the skin and eliminate acne causing bacteria. The peel targets the deeper layers of the epidermis, causing the dead skin cells to shrivel, flake off and decongest pores. This encourages new cells to emerge – leaving you with tighter pores, a more even skin tone and a smoother complexion.


We recommend LED Light Therapy immediately after the Acne Beta peel. Blue Light Therapy focuses on eliminating acne causing bacteria, reducing inflammation and future breakouts as well as accelerates healing time.


Post treatment, Results Active Protect SPF50+ is highly recommended as it nourishes yet protects you from the harsh rays of the Australian sun. Lightweight and oil free, it feels like you’re wearing nothing!


Short term pain for the long term gain

Daily skincare doesn’t have to be difficult. By cleansing your face daily with a gentle cleanser, moisturising after cleansing and exfoliating 2-3 times a week, you save yourself the stress from dealing with blackheads and other breakouts down the track. Best of all, your skin will thank you later.

Results Active Clean is a gentle everyday foaming cleanser that removes daily residue and makeup. Sulphate and paraben free, this cleanser simultaneously maintains the pH balance of your skin whilst aloe extract conditions your face, leaving it clean but not dry.


Moisturising is important to prevent your natural oils from being stripped and being prone to premature ageing. Results Active Moist is an everyday skincare staple with anti-ageing properties. Packed with peptides and antioxidants – the light and non greasy formula deeply hydrates and improves elasticity.


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