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Is your skin bringing your selfie game down?

Is your skin bringing your selfie game down?

It’s official, acne is one of the most crushing blows to self-esteem. Studies have shown that people suffering from acne are up to 3 times more likely to suffer from depression than any other medical condition*.

Without descending deeper into depression, the fall out from acne is debatably worse – from red & brown ‘macular’ scars, which generally fade with time to boxcar & ice-pick scars which leave pitted, uneven skin.

Good news, if your skin is making you retake more selfies than you are posting, there is a range of effective treatments to improve the appearance of scarring, also used for age lines & uneven skin texture. Clinical Skin Needling is becoming more & more popular for skin resurfacing but why?


What is skin needling?

Much spruiked as a rejuvenation & beauty treatments for celebs, Clinical Skin Needling can produce excellent results on acne scarring & age lines alike. Skin needling uses a pen, containing tiny surgical needles on a motorized head, used to lightly puncture the skin, breaking down scar tissue. This process stimulates the body’s natural healing processes including the production of new collagen. The result is a new, smoother skin surface.

The process is often followed with a short session of Advanced LED Light Therapy treatment to sooth & aid the healing process. Actual results that have been achieved with this process are shared below.

Acne scarring results from a combination of needling and LED.


What is the recovery time?

The treated area is covered with tiny punctures & scratches, which can leave it red. This usually fades within 24-48 hours. Anywhere between 4-6 treatments are usually required.


Clinical Skin Needling vs. Fractional RF Laser?

Everyone’s skin is different. Fractional RF Laser is very effective in treatment of pitted scarring & stretchmarks.

Clinical Skin Needling can produce excellent results on acne scarring & has four benefits over Fractional RF Laser.

  • It is less painful, especially since numbing cream is applied to the skin prior to treatment.
  • Recovery time is shorter & does not leave then trademark Fractional RF “grid stamp”, which takes 7-10 days to heal.
  • Its is less expensive, around half the cost for a similar sized area.
  • Clinical Skin Needling is also effective on those with darker skins.


Where can I get Clinical Skin Needling?

Clinical Skin Needling & many others treatments are performed by the expert therapists at Results Laser Clinic – Australia’s most trusted provider of laser, skin & Clinical Injectables Treatments.

Results Laser Clinic has 40 clinics nationwide & are committed to delivering results that make you look & feel your best. Book a free, no-commitment consultation, with a qualified therapist, to find out more.


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* Depression & suicidal ideation in dermatology patients with acne, alopecia areata, atopic dermatitis & psoriasis. MA Gupta – ‎1998


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