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Facelifts without surgery – do they work?

It’s hard to “un-see” the train-wreck of a face-lift-gone-wrong. Its even harder to credit the list of celebrities guilty of falling into the trap of permanently surprised eyebrows, mis-shapen eyes & smiles that would rival Heath Ledger’s Joker, in ‘The Dark Knight’.


Avoid the big price tags

A surgical price tag in the thousands puts that likelihood of surgical disaster beyond most of our reach but many of us would benefit from a subtle, tweak and tightening to help the battle with gravity, faced by our brows & jowls – that’s where Pollogen’s Tri-Lipo technology comes in.

Non-surgical facelifts & eyelifts are affordable, highly effective & produce a natural, lift and tightening effect, without the surgeons, scars & downtime.

How does ‘non-surgical’ work?

Radio Frequency (RF) heat is delivered from a hand-piece. This heats through the dermis, deep into subcutaneous layers of the skin. This starts to release fat cells.
While the hand-piece massages down on the skin, safe blasts of energy stimulate dynamic muscle activation (DMA), lifting the layer of muscle, squeezing the fat layer and releasing more fat cells.

Stimulate & harness the body’s metabolism

  • Heat from the RF coupled with the massaging effect, accelerate natural lymphatic drainage, encouraging your body to metabolise & remove the fat naturally.
  • Additionally, the RF heats collagen in the connective tissue, causing it to firm up, immediately smoothing & tightening the skin.
  • At the same time the RF stimulates fibroblasts in the connective tissue to create more collagen, aiding longer-term regeneration & rejuvenation.

Immediate & longer lasting results

Results can be seen almost immediately but 4-6 treatments, at 2 to 4 weeks apart are recommended for a longer lasting effect – usually between six and twelve months, which can be topped-up with maintenance treatments, as required.

Cruelty free…tested on business owners!

Pollogen’s Tri-lipo technology is proven in 60 countries around the world & stars at Results Laser Clinic for a range of smoothing, tightening & sculpting techniques, ever since Results Laser Clinic’s founder & owner famously got on a plane, flying 18 hours to Pollogen’s Head Quarters, to trial the technology & returned raving about the results.

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