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beauty countdown to summer

Beauty Countdown to Summer


Summer starts officially with a big “S” on Saturday 1st December and whether the climate has us taking refuge in the shopping mall or racing for the beach we need to be rocking & ready, with party season just around the corner.

Its OK to admit that our good intentions for a winter beauty programme never made it past bookmarking that blog, what’s important for those of us living in last-minute-dot-com-land, is putting thoughts in to action, just in time for this season’s ‘me launch’

So what do you have time left to start, on your journey to summer beauty chic?


9 Weeks to go – Laser Hair Removal

Sessions required: 4-10
Time between Treatments: 4-6 weeks
Recovery Time: 0 – but watch out, no tanning!

There’s just time to start a programme of Laser Hair Removal and get through 3 sessions, before the Christmas on the beach, with a lay-off over January and touch ups, when the tan has died down toward the end of February. A ‘defo’ for smaller areas such as navel line, underarms & brazilian which don’t get so much sun time.


8 Weeks to go – Non-Surgical Face Lift

Sessions required: 4-6
Time between Treatments: 2-4 weeks
Recovery Time: 12-24 hours – Make-up on & you’re party-prepped!

Non-Surgical Face Lifts are a must for those of us with brows and jowls threatening to defy gravity despite every facial toning exercise invented. Short term results are visible after just one treatment but build up a longer-lasting lifted look by stimulating collagen regeneration, with half a dozen treatments, a couple of weeks apart.


7 Weeks to go – Chemical Peels

Sessions required: 1-6 (e.g. 1 for a freshen-up, 6 for acne control)
Time between Treatments: 1-2 weeks
Recovery Time: up to 24 hours

For those getting serious about skin transformation, chemical peels are a game changer but needs planning. Most often paired with LED advanced light therapy to aid healing, its well worth booking a free consultation to talk about your priorities & map out your action plan to perfection.


6 Weeks to go – Injectable Lip Fillers

Sessions required: 2 appointments – includes a follow up review and additional treatments if necessary.
Time between Treatments: 2 weeks – inclusive of 2 week review appointment
Recovery Time: 1 to 2 weeks

Not something to leave until the last minute, if you’re looking for a pain-free pash. Dermal fillers take a couple of weeks to integrate, especially the first time, so we recommend a complimentary review appointment after two weeks to check & re-adjust.


5 Weeks to go – Get your make-up look sorted!

Next week is Melbourne Cup, so a must-do opportunity to glam up & test drive your party look. Velvet Co Mineral makeup is 100% vegan & all natural, the foundation has flawless coverage. As Velvet Co is mineral based, the powder & liquid foundation is perfect after care for skin treatments & sold at all Results Laser Clinics, so you can leave the clinic looking ‘selfie ready’!


4 Weeks to go – LED Light Facial

Sessions required: 1
Recovery Time: 0

Time to sneak in a little 30 minute mid-week treat & put the party-prep in place for racing carnival lunches or trips to the track. This little beauty secret – a combo of express microdermabraision & LED Advanced light Therapy treatment – will leave you looking fresh & radiant…& everyone else wondering why!


3 Weeks to go – Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Sessions required:

2 appointments – includes a follow up review and additional treatments if necessary.
Recovery Time: Minimal. Go about life as normal!

Refresh and restore your look for those who don’t find their crows-feet endearing. Anti-wrinkle injections take a couple of weeks to integrate completely, especially the first time so allow time before any special event.


2 Weeks to go – Stock up on skin care products

A good quality SPF 50+ is a must over the summer and prepare for any slip ups with a good recovery gel for sun burn & gently exfoliant for peeling skin. Results Active Skin Care range is sold in all Results Laser Clinics & available on line.


1 Week to go – LED Light Facial & Gifts

Sessions required: 1
Recovery Time: 0

Last minute touch up & another opportunity for a sneaky facial, for that runway ready-look. Oh & pick up some gift cards & gift packs to give all those friends who tell you how great you’re looking – you can share a few tips with them post Christmas!

Here’s a guide to help you get best deals on all these products and treatments:


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YAAAASSS – Summer, here we come!



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