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Cosmetic dermal fillers – If I could turn back time.


Cosmetic dermal fillers – If I could turn back time.

Unfortunately it’s all a part of growing older – as we age the skin loses its elasticity and starts to sag, wrinkle and fine lines appear. Skin that has aged shows most on the face and for many people the way to deal with this is to go under the knife and have a face lift. Other people prefer to avoid a face lift and opt for cosmetic dermal filler treatment through Results Laser Clinics.

Cosmetic dermal fillers are known by a number of different names – injectable fillers, cosmetic fillers, facial fillers, injectable collagen and more. The procedure is the same and the only preparation involves applying a topical anaesthetic cream to the area.

Dermal fillers area great way of turning back the clock and making a clients face look more refreshed and youthful. Unlike a face lift cosmetic dermal fillers are less expensive have very little risks and there is very little or none down-time.  These injections have become a popular treatment for wrinkles, scaring from acne or for treating fine lines. An injection of fillers at Results Laser Clinic can also make lips appear fuller.

Dermal Fillers *fill out* folds, lines and wrinkles, following the injection the dermal fillers stay in the skin for up to 6 months, they will then start to gradually wear out so the patient will need to return for another injection. The actual length of time the dermal fillers remain in effect depends on your skin type, where the drug was actually injected on your face; and the ingredients in the injection. There are many different dermal fillers on the market today and the type that is used depends on the degree of *lifting* that is needed and the area that is to be treated.

Most fillers on the market today are either human based or bovine based (come from cows), it is the human based fillers that are preferred as they don’t require any skin testing prior to injection and they don’t carry any risks of a client having an allergic reaction.


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