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Non Surgical Facelifts – Sydney

non surgical facelift

Non Surgical Facelifts – Sydney

Let’s take on gravity and restore our natural beauty! Today’s blog spotlight is on one of our latest offerings – Non Surgical Face Lifts. Whilst gravity and ageing can have an impact on your facial skin, we have a solution  to help keep you looking youthful and feeling confident!

Does a 3 or 5 step beauty regime seem like a daunting daily task? In Sydney we totally understand that people work days and sometimes would rather spend those sacred few hours away from work relaxing with Netflix and a smoothie.

But what if we told you all you need is 30 minutes a week to help keep your youthful glow and know that you’re putting yourself and your body first?

Here at Australia’s most trusted Skin & Laser clinic, we have made accessibility to non surgical treatment’s that little bit easier and affordable.  Our treatments are all clinically proven to provide our core mission, RESULTS!

Our technology is world renowned and proven to work on increasing your skin tone, reducing fine lines, preventing ageing and tightening your skin.

Pollogen is a world leader in medical aesthetic technology. This year we introduced their advanced Pollogen Maximus machine to our series of Skin Treatments. The TriLipo Radio Frequency technology helps prevent and reduce the signs of ageing and provides that instant surgical free lift.


(The Pollogen Maximus Machine)

Our Non Surgical facelift works by simultaneously heating the skin causing its key structural components, known as collagen fibre’s, to contract resulting in immediate skin tightening and improved skin tone and texture. It also optimizes tissue oxygenation and detoxification, providing the skin with the flexibility it needs to promote facial skin tightening, lifting and wrinkle reduction.



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It’s the perfect cheeky treat and depending on your age and skin condition, your skin will start to restore collagen and rejuvenate over the course of your treatment. We recommend around 6-10 treatments that will have your feeling lifted, tighter and smoother!

All our treatments are safe, effective, non toxic and affordable, with prices starting from $150.

Give our friendly Results Laser Clinic team a call and book your FREE consultation at one of our Sydney Clinics today. Or you can BOOK ONLINE NOW!

Get real results at Results Laser Clinic.


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