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Men are now opting for a hairless summer


Men are now opting for a hairless summer

Laser hair removal for men is one of the most popular treatments to date. Once upon a time, hairy men were found to be attractive and masculine. Today, that preference has changed for a clean and hairless finish. In our Australian beach centred culture, men are searching for longer lasting hair removal solutions.

Men comprise about 50% of laser hair removal clientele. At Results Laser Clinic Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane men consult our staff frequently in their quest of a safe permanent solution. Unwanted hair on areas including the back, chest and legs are increasingly being treated by this revolutionary method as it offers, fast, effective and permanent hair reduction.

The technology employed at Results Laser Clinic Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is the Candela Gentlelase, a no.1 worldwide technology for laser hair removal. This machine treats the area effectively, safely and quickly. The patented Dynamic Cooling Device also ensures that client safety is maximised while discomfort is minimised.

Laser hair removal is one of most popular treatments for males.  This overcomes the repetition of other temporary methods including shaving, waxing, depilatory creams and tweezing. Whether it be for career prospects, convenience or simply to overcome the embarrassment of unwanted hair, this method of laser hair removal surely surpasses its competitors.


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