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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Pregnant Women?


Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Pregnant Women?

Is it safe for a woman to undergo laser hair removal when trying to conceive? This question has caused great concern for both pregnant patients and laser therapists.

During the nine months of pregnancy, common discomforts experienced by women include headaches, heartburn, body pains and insomnia. The hair removal discomforts include the act of bending down whilst shaving or enduring the pain of strip waxing. In the third trimester, most women become desperate and consider most effective hair removal methods such as laser hair removal.

Before discussing safety, it is imperative to understand the mechanics of laser hair removal. The hair is eradicated as a laser beam penetrates the skin to target the follicle. It has been clinically proven that the laser beam would not penetrate the skin enough to cause damage to the foetus or the pregnant woman.

The most effective hair removal method on the market is laser. The procedure results in an 85-99 percent reduction at the conclusion of the treatment program. The most commonly treated areas by women include the underarms, face and legs. While hair is normally treated within 6-10 treatments, hormonal changes as well as patterns of hair growth ultimately determine the actual number of required treatments.

The only time certain areas should be avoided are the Brazilian and abdomen during the final trimester. This is due to the fact that the baby is developing in those areas. Woman should also avoid treatment on the breasts as they are vital for breast feeding.

Note: This article is for informational purpose only. Please contact your doctor/dermatologist for proper guidance and information.


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