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Tear Troughs

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Tear Troughs

Tear troughs are often recognised as darkness or ‘circles’ under the eyes that can make you appear older than you are. They are also often identified as black circles or sagging, tired eyes.The development of tear troughs is caused by a loss of volume around the lower eye area, which forms a ‘trough’ or area of less volume between the lower eyelids and the cheeks.

This condition can be rectified at Results Laser Clinic with our cosmetic dermal fillers. Our dermal fillers for dark eye circles and tear troughs are composed of a complex sugar. This complex sugar occurs naturally within the human body, thus rendering it an entirely safe dermal filler injection to treat dark eye circles and sagging eyes. So safe in fact, that allergy testing is not required. The dermal fillers are administered by our highly trained and qualified cosmetic nurses who essentially inject the tear trough with dermal filler, padding out that section of the eye, and reducing the dark circle. The dermal fillers last up to six months, and are naturally absorbed back into the body as time progresses.

At Results Laser Clinic in Sydney (and soon Melbourne and Brisbane!), we always employ the highest standard of product, and service in all areas of our business.Although we are known for our state of the art laser hair removal techniques, our dermal filler injections to correct dark eye circles and tear troughs are just as much frontrunners in the field of cosmetic enhancement.

Don’t walk around looking and feeling tired and dull! Results Laser Clinic has the answer to your dark eye circles today!


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