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Post Treatment Advice

To ensure you have a safe, quick and permanent hair laser removal solution, this article provides the steps to be taken after a laser hair removal treatment.

Immediately after laser hair removal treatment

The area has just been treated and will be sensitive, slightly red and swollen. This is a normal reaction to a laser hair removal treatment that will subside within 2- 12 hours. To aid in the soothing and healing of the skin, your laser hair removal therapist will apply a skin soothing gel. A hot shower within 24 hours of the conducted treatment is not advised and must not exceed a lukewarm temperature. As the sensitivity of the skin has also increased, strongly scented lotions or soaps, exfoliant creams and aggressing scrubbing should be avoided.

Two to four weeks after laser hair removal treatment

Stubble will appear within 1-4 weeks of the hair removal treatment. This is not hair regrowth, rather, it is the treated hair being purged from the follicles. You must allow this hair to fall out of the skin on its own. Hairs that were in the rest phase at the treatment may enter the active phase in 1-6 months depending on the body. Follow-up treatment may be performed within 1-2 weeks of new hair growth. Keeping a mental note of these useful tips will not only ensure a great laser hair removal experience, but a newfound confidence and positive attitude about your appearance.


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