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Laser Hair Removal – Your Top Questions Answered

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    Did you know laser hair removal has proven to be the most effective way to eliminate unwanted hair? Forget about waxing and shaving this treatment doesn’t have any of those annoying and unnecessary side effects.

    In this article we answer all the big questions for you! From booking your laser hair removal consultation to safely achieving the best possible results .

    Do I need a consultation?

    Definitely! Everyone’s skin and hair is different that’s why it’s important our clinical therapists assess your hair during a consultation, and do worry it’s free! During your consultation, it’s also an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns, medications you are taking along with what to expect during the treatment and how to take care of your skin after.

    Will the medication/antibiotics I’m taking effect the treatment?

    It’s important you let your therapist know what medications you are currently taking. The use of Roaccutane and other types of medication that treat eczema, dermatitis and a number of other conditions may prevent treatment on that day. Please seek advice from your doctor first.

    How does it work?

    We use only the best FDA and TGA approved Candela GentleMax Pro technology. The procedure is virtually painless, with almost instant results. Laser energy is delivered through a small hand piece, emitting a light that is absorbed by the colour (melanin) in your hair. The light generates heat that travels down the hair shaft to the hair follicle under the skin, permanently disabling it’s ability to regrow, without damaging the surrounding tissue or skin. Hair removal technology is now both pain-free and efficient. Our treatments are fast and effective with very little down time.

    How many treatments do I need?

    Everyone responds differently to the treatment, but to start off with your therapist will recommend 6-10 treatments every 4-6 weeks for optimum results. Usually clients experience an 85-99% reduction after a full course of laser hair removal treatments. Hormonal areas may require maintenance sessions.

    I’m pregnant is this treatment safe for me?

    Laser hair removal is safe for women who are pregnant, we do however recommend a medical clearance from your doctor. The only areas we would hold off treatment on in your final trimester is the breasts, brazilian and abdomen.

    Can I wax in between treatments?

    No, it’s recommended if you have waxed, plucked or epilated recently, due to hair growth, please allow up to 4 weeks before commencing any laser treatment. Shaving and hair removal cream is fine to use before and during treatment.

    Should I avoid the sun?

    Indeed! Sun exposure, tanning beds and self tanning products should be avoided 2 weeks before and after treatment. It’s important to remember the laser is heating the surface of your skin so you want to avoid any additional heat from a sun burn which may cause adverse reactions.

    I had my treatment yesterday and the areas are still red?

    This is very normal and it’s important to follow the after care advice given to you by your therapist. Applying your Active Recovery Gel or Aloe Vera gel will help to soothe and cool the treated areas.

    We like to keep our Active Recovery Gel in the fridge for an extra cool application!

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