Laser Hair Removal – Your Top Questions Answered

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    Laser Hair Removal – Your Top Questions Answered

    Did you know laser hair removal has proven to be the most effective way to eliminate unwanted hair? Forget about waxing and shaving this treatment doesn’t have any of those annoying and unnecessary side effects.

    In this article we answer all the big questions for you! From booking your laser hair removal consultation to safely achieving the best possible results .

    Do I need a consultation?

    Definitely! Everyone’s skin and hair is different that’s why it’s important our clinical therapists assess your hair during a consultation, and do worry it’s free! During your consultation, it’s also an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns, medications you are taking along with what to expect during the treatment and how to take care of your skin after.

    Will the medication/antibiotics I’m taking effect the treatment?

    It’s important you let your therapist know what medications you are currently taking. The use of Roaccutane and other types of medication that treat eczema, dermatitis and a number of other conditions may prevent treatment on that day. Please seek advice from your doctor first.

    How many treatments do I need?

    Everyone responds differently to the treatment, but to start off with your therapist will recommend 6-10 treatments every 4-6 weeks for optimum results. Usually clients experience an 85-99% reduction after a full course of laser hair removal treatments. Hormonal areas may require maintenance sessions.

    Diamond Microdermabrasion – Melbourne

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      Diamond Microdermabrasion – Melbourne, your skin’s best accessory, is here to stay. Just like a best friend’s hug can make you feel good, a Medical Microdermabrasion can effectively hug and treat your skin, and unlike Melbourne’s un-predictive weather, leaves your skin feeling restored and looking radiant.

      Our treatment works by using tiny diamond tips to gently exfoliate your facial skin, stimulating new collagen cell growth, whilst a soft vacuum feeling will be felt as it removes any dead skin cells and unplugs any blocked pores from the top layer of your skin. In as little as 10 minutes, you can achieve refreshed clear skin with smaller pores, reduced acne scarring, increased elasticity, improved skin texture and younger looking skin.

      To achieve optimal and lasting results with Diamond Microdermabrasion

      Australia’s most trusted skin and laser clinic Results Laser Clinic, highly recommend a minimum of 6 – 10 weekly treatments. The reason for this, is that with each treatment received, any dry or dull skin will consistently be gently polished away and leave your skin feeling more invigorated and restored. If you want an extra boost to your skin to help maintain your results, we highly recommend the use of LED Light Therapy immediately after the Diamond Microdermabrasion is received.

      LED Light Therapy aids in skin repair, healing and collagen production whilst it reduces the effects of sun damaged skin, helping firm and tighten your skin. Rest assured our treatments are clinically proven, safe, gentle and relaxing and performed by highly trained and qualified therapists in Melbourne. Visit or call now to make Diamond Microdermabrasion – Melbourne your new skin BFF.

      Save time and buy treatments from the comfort of your own home via a Results Online account! You can also book a complimentary consultation online! See our full price list here.

      Information on the Dangers of Laser Hair Removal

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        Information on the Dangers of Laser Hair Removal:

        Results Laser Clinic is one of Sydney’s most reputable clinics, conveniently located in Parramatta, Burwood, Sydney City, Blacktown, Liverpool, Wollongong and Melbourne. The combination of medically approved technologies and comprehensive Laser procedures conducted by the clinic’s fully qualified staff ensures clients receive the most effective treatment for their skin and hair removal needs.

        After years of industry experience and success, Results Laser hair removal Clinic staff believe clients deserve the best laser hair removal treatment with safe and professional care. Result Laser Clinic therapists warn against choosing inexperienced laser hair removal providers, especially in an unregulated laser industry. The market leader in laser hair removal is the GentleLASE™ from the Candela Corporation and consumers should be aware of imitators and second hand operators that are not authorised or supported by the Candela Corporation.

        Clinics or operators that use second-hand machines or employ inexperienced laser therapists may result in skin complications during the laser treatment including swelling and redness to blistering, scarring and burns. The difference at Results is that all treatments are individually catered to each client by our fully qualified and experienced staff, employing the best in laser hair removal technology, Gentlelase, for best and permanent results”.

        Clients should also be aware that whilst many clinics including Results Laser Clinic provide safe laser hair removal treatments, burns occur more frequently on patients immediately after they have been exposed to the sun or engaged in self tanning methods. It is the client’s responsibility to follow pre and post treatment advice given by their clinic to prevent such occurrences and also notify the therapist in such instances.

        When researching laser hair removal clinics in Sydney, it is recommended that consumers should:

        • ensure laser therapists are trained and experienced
        • not be misled by discounted treatments and false advertising claims
        • do research on both laser and IPL technology
        • check qualifications of technicians
        • listen to the positive experiences of other consumers

        Save time and buy treatments from the comfort of your own home via a Results Online account! You can also book a complimentary consultation online! See our full price list here.

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          Laser Awareness Day was held on 28 June 2010. Therapists, industry specialists and clients came together to increase awareness and reflect on the history of laser as well as the remarkable innovations available with companies such as Candela. It was also an opportunity to make individuals more knowledgeable in the area of lasers and laser hair removal. NSW is an unregulated industry where many have suffered from the inexperience of unqualified laser hair removal therapists, second-hand technologies and unsafe practices.

          On Laser Awareness Day, many came together contribute to increased public recognition of laser trauma as well as greater professional interest.   Laser Awareness Day is much more than information and answers. At its core, Laser Awareness Day is a celebration driven by Results Laser Clinic, of what’s great about being accredited and qualified.

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            An ingrown hair problem can be overcome with laser hair removal! Ingrown hairs are one of the most bothersome and unsightly things on the body. Ingrown hairs can also be a painful hassle for both women and men.

            What are ingrown hairs?

            The razor bump condition is also medically termed pseudofolliculitis barbae. Development of ingrown hairs occur when they are broken off short with a sharp tip. Ingrown hairs can be cause by different types of hair removal methods. This includes the following:

            • Depilatories- dissolve the hair using chemicals instead of it breaking or being pulled from the root. One of the least likely temporary hair removal methods to cause ingrown hair.
            • Shaving- the hair is removed at or just below the skin with the blunt cut of the razor. Ingrown hair is most likely to be cause by this method.
            • Tweezing- distortion of the hair follicle is caused as the tweezer pulls the hair from the root. The angle of growth is consequently improper, cause ingrown hair.
            • Waxing- distortion of the hair growth also occurs as hair is pulled from the root.
            • Electrolysis- a metal probe is inserted into the hair follicle, followed by a mild electronic current killing the hair. The results of this method are varying, but eliminates ingrown hair if successful.
            • Laser Hair Removal- successful procedures destroy the hair follicles by using laser lights, permanently reducing hair growth.

            While traditional techniques such as shaving and waxing remove unwanted hair temporarily, they lead to annoying rashes. Laser hair removal technology ensures that ingrown hairs are eliminated and skin has a smooth and flawless finish. How does the laser hair removal procedure work? Wavelengths of light energy are gently delivered to both the hair shaft and follicle in pulses, through a delicate, computer-controlled hand piece. Effectively, the source of the unwanted hair growth problem is targeted and treated, therefore allowing for permanent results.

            Save time and buy treatments from the comfort of your own home via a Results Online account! You can also book a complimentary consultation online! See our full price list here.


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              At Results Laser Clinic NSW QLD and VIC, quality is not compromised by the low price of our treatments. In fact, microdermabrasion is conducted by the best medical grade technology and experienced therapists.

              The price of the microdermabrasion treatment is affected by the size of the treatment area. As a general rule, the smaller the area- the lower the price of the individual sessions.  Results Laser Clinic also offers individual microdermabrasion prices and offers when they are combined with other skin treatments.

              Save time and buy treatments from the comfort of your own home via a Results Online account! You can also book a complimentary consultation online! See our full price list here.


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