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    Whether you’re an hourglass shape like Kate Winslet, a tubular shape like Kiera Knightley, a pear shape like Beyonce or an apple shape like Drew Barrymore, shredding fat in target areas can be a goal for many, yet also a challenge.

    But the challenge just got as easy as 1,2,3 at Australia’s most trusted skin and laser clinic with fat reduction and body contouring treatments that help target stubborn fat cell and reshape your body.

    You can now say goodbye to the thoughts of liposuction, fad diets and over training.

    Consider our treatment process to be like painless non surgical liposuction.

    At Results Laser Clinic, we use the world renowned Pollogen’s Tri-lipo Triple Action Radio Frequency Technology to perform our world class fat reduction and body contouring treatments, targeting your selected stubborn fat deposits.

    Our technology works by heating the targeted fat cells which are released, removed and metabolised as energy via your lymphatic drainage system, of which exercise helps release the energy too.  At the same time reshaping the area through your collagen contracting and the stimulation of new collagen.

    All shapes and sizes, both men and women, are welcome to experience our treatments at affordable rates, to help divorce your stubborn fat on areas including tummy, thighs, arms or buttocks.

    To help speed up and increase your results on any area, as with any program that targets fat, we do recommend making positive choices when it comes to nutrition and exercise.  A minimum 20 minutes cardio exercise is recommended with our treatments, post treatment, to help detox the liquefied fat cells out of the lymphatic drainage system in the body.

    Whilst it depends on the area, circumference, body fat percentage and skin conditioning, we recommend 6 – 10 treatments every 1 to 2 weeks, to help achieve your desired results.

    At Results Laser Clinic Melbourne, our fully trained and accredited therapists take pride in helping every client look and feel their best.

    So come and reshape your body with us.  Book your FREE CONSULTATION today!

    Save time and buy treatments from the comfort of your own home via a Results Online account! You can also book a complimentary consultation online! See our full price list here.

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