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Fractional RF Laser, Skin Needling and home remedies: Which is better for clearer skin?

It’s never too late to start vamping up you skin routine, especially when new blemishes pop up unexpectedly and suddenly you find yourself spending extra time every morning to hide that unwanted mark. How inconvenient! However, with Fractional RF Laser, Skin Needling treatments and home remedies as solutions in rejuvenating the skin, choosing the RIGHT treatment should not be added stress. 


Discover whether Fractional RF Laser, Skin Needling treatments or home remedies will save your skin and your wallet from unwanted blemishes. We dissect which method will return better results for your dollar. 


Fractional RF Laser Treatments

Fractional RF Laser Treatments combine the delivery of Radio Frequency technology and micro-needles. As micro-wounds are created, this triggers cellular renewal and repair. RF Technology simultaneously stimulates collagen production to improve elasticity, texture, skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Our innovative technology can also address priorities such as 

  • Stretch marks on the body and acne scarring on the face
  • Reduce the size of enlarged pores 
  • Congestion 
  • Dull and lacklustre skin
  • Uneven skin tone


Fractional RF Laser Treatment


Skin Needling

Skin Needling uses Dermapen technology to gently and safely penetrate the skin. Containing micro needles on a motorised head, tiny micro wounds are created. This controlled trauma triggers cellular renewal and stimulates collagen production resulting in the overall rejuvenation of the skin. 


Combined with the LED Light Therapy Treatment, the rejuvenation process is accelerated where yellow/clear LED light promotes healing, reducing your downtime. For optimum results and dependant on skin priorities, we recommend 4 to 6 treatments.



Skin Needling Treatment


Exfoliating products and DIY Scrubs 

With ingredients easily available at home, DIY scrubs are easy to whip up, literally. However, there have been case studies where physical scrubs using natural ground up seeds directly contributed to irritation and unhealed microscopic tears. 


Further up the price range, physical and chemical exfoliating products such as acids and scrubs can be easily purchased anywhere. With chemical exfoliating products, results often take several months to take effect and there’s always the temptation to increase the concentration level 


Unlike DIY Scrubs and chemical exfoliant, Fractional RF Laser Treatments come with support before and after the appointment. 

Dry Skin Causes

How do you treat dry skin

As tempting as staying in the shower forever seems to be, exposure to hot water for long periods of time strips the body of its natural oils, resulting in dry skin. Decrease your chances of dry skin by limiting the time spent in the shower as well as moisturising afterwards.

How do you treat dry skin

By excessively cleansing, the skin’s natural oils are depleted which leaves the skin feeling dry and compromises its ability to function.

How do you treat dry skin

Increased exposure to the sun results in drying the skin of its natural oils.

DIY Scrubs

diy scrub

– Affordable
– Can be done at home

– Easily perishable, time consuming to make new batches
– Possibility of unhealed microscopic tears forming if harsh exfoliating ingredients are used
– No aftercare provided

Chemical  Exfoliants

chemical exfoliant

–  Relatively cheaper than skin needling
– Can be done at home

– Pricier than scrubs
– Takes longer to take effect
– Varying intensity of active ingredients, if incorrectly used can cause irritation in the skin
– No aftercare provided

Skin Needling


– Repairs and renews the cells from within
– Aftercare provided post treatment
–  Combined with LED Light Therapy treatments to accelerate the downtime and maximise the benefits

Fractional RF Laser


– Repairs and renews the cells from within
– Aftercare provided
– Can be combined with LED Light Therapy treatments to accelerate the downtime and maximise the benefits
– Non invasive and minimal downtime

When in doubt, consult us and we’ll hear you out

Book a complimentary consultation to your nearest clinic to see how you can wake up fresh and glowing from saving a few minutes daily from stressing over how to conceal that blemish on your skin!. 


Results Active Protect SPF50+ is essential to hydrate and protect the skin post treatment, as it is formulated to be used in conjunction with our skin treatments. A lightweight moisturiser that also helps soothe and shield the skin from the sun. It is also important to keep you skin hydrated with Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Serum. Our best seller contains Vitamin B5 to support and prolongs hydration, leaving your skin fresh and moisturised from within.


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