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IPL Acne Treatment

ipl acne

IPL Acne Treatment

At Results Laser Clinic Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane your specialist will target the IPL laser light onto the area to be treated. It will penetrate through the layers of your skin, effectively “burning” it off. The treatment stimulates new skin growth, and when the area has healed, the scar or blemish is less noticeable than before. The IPL procedure lasts about 20 to 30 minutes and most clients feel only a mild snapping sensation. The effects are almost immediate and results can be seen once the redness subsides. Your specialist will recommend that you use sun block on the area for at least two months after your first course of treatments, in some cases further treatments may also be recommended 6 to 12 months after.

The effectiveness of the IPL treatment for acne scarring and skin blemishes depends both on your skin type and the extent and type of your scars. Often IPL treatments should be carried out in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as a good skin regime, which helps achieve the best results. Our specialists at Results Laser Clinic Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will advise you with the best advice for your treatment and whether the treatment is suitable for you.

All procedures carry risks as well as benefits. The chances of complication following your treatment, depends on the after care taken. You need to be completely honest with your specialist and fill out forms honestly. Your specialist will then explain how the risks apply to you.


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