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treating dry skin

How do you get rid of dehydrated skin? Hydrate your way to radiance.

Drinks are on me: Nourish dehydrated skin by first understanding its causes and treatments so you can look your illuminated best!

Rough, flaky and dehydrated skin doesn’t come as a surprise after a week spent indoors at the office. Though the abundance of skincare products and solutions can seem overwhelming. From overhyped miracle creams to skin treatments that seem scary, we break down how you can bring your dehydrated skin from 0 to H20!

Commonly mistaken as dry skin, dehydrated skin is a result of the lack of adequate water content in the skin. This can leave the skin feeling dull and tight even when moisturised properly as hydrating begins from within.

treating dry skin

Dehydrated skin

Dehydrated skin has a compromised epidermis which allows moisture to escape easier.

Stock up on your product (knowledge)

Knowledge is power and it begins with you.

Used as an alternative or addition to moisturisers, serums are light liquids which absorb fast into the skin. They deliver a high concentration of active ingredients minus the excess of products so applying a serum prior to a moisturiser helps the skin lock in its benefits.

What is Oxygen Infusion Therapy?

What’s better than express 1 day shipping? 15 minute Oxygen Infusion Therapy with no downtime – You’re ready when your skin is ready!

Check out how a Micro Oxygen Facial has rehydrated Remie’s skin:

Oxygen Infusion Therapy is your answer to refreshed skin as it employs the use of double cleansing before a spritz of oxygen and professional strength serum is applied to the skin.

With no heat involved and no downtime, you’ll be ready to shine through your week or beam your brightest at your event.

Reviving the hydration in your skin doesn’t have to be difficult, with treatment programs that can be done over the course of the year, book in a complimentary consultation today to see how you can bring your skin back to a healthy glow!

Lift up old lifestyle habits

treating dry skin
  1. Staying hydrated

As easy as 1, 2, 3, staying hydrated begins from within.

Not a fan of plain water?

Switch up still to sparkling or do a fruit infusion.

  1. Protection is essential: Staying protected against the sun

What can you do to stay protected against the sun APART from not leaving your house?


As simple as that – protection is essential.

A lightweight and oil-free formula, Results Active Protect SPF50+ is an everyday moisturiser that protects your skin from the sun.

  1. Maintaining a skincare routine

Instead of falling for flashy skin product marketing tricks, dive into maintaining a skincare routine that works for you. Whether it be from undergoing regular skin treatments or sticking to your product MUST HAVES, protect your skin by first understanding its priorities.

  1. Maintaining a well balanced diet

No, this isn’t about skipping a meal here or there – it’s about not consuming the right amount and types of nutrients. Certain types of foods containing fatty acids have been proven to provide the skin with benefits. By ensuring that your body is well balanced and nourished from within, turn your skin hydration dreams into reality!

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Dry skin Treatment: Rehydrate with microdermabrasion, chemical peels and oxygen infusion therapy.


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