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Home Skin Care Routines- As told by expert Therapists

Not enough time to do a full skincare routine? We asked our expert therapists to share their own at home skincare routines. It is never too late to start a routine as caring for your skin throughout the year is crucial! A bad skincare routine can lead to a multitude of skin concerns making it ever so important to find a routine that works for you.

Read on to learn how our therapists take care of their skin…

Cleanse in the morning and afternoon is so important even if it’s the only skincare you do. Exfoliate! Hyrd8 B5 serum is so hydrating and nourishing I personally love the active moist it is so rich and creamy i just love how it softens my skin automatically” ~ Therapist Cindy @Airport West
Even though they may not be wearing makeup and exposed to as much of the environment as before its still important to complete your prescribed home care routine as if you were! Cleansing, Exfoliating and especially treating with serums is a must! Due to being inside with aircons and heating systems moisturizing and protecting is also still just as important as before!”~Therapist Amy @Bayside
Just a regular skincare routine performed day and night. A cleanser suitable to clients skin – followed with serum and eye +night cream. I would also suggest to exfoliate min once a week and definitely recommend using a mask more often. I mean we are in isolation so why not.” ~ Therapist Melissa @Blacktown 
Stick to your normal routine. Don’t become lazy during ISO. Always cleanse, serum and moisturise even though you may be home all day.” ~ Therapist Georgia @Chermside
Do a full 7 step skincare routine. The steps are Cleanse – Exfoliate – Tone – Mask – Serum – Moisturise – SPF. Whilst you are in isolation this is the best time to try different products so that you can discover what works best with your skin and what doesn’t because no one will be able to see you if your skin doesn’t like a product. Try different serums and masks! My favourites are the Medik 8 C-tetra and Medik Firewall serum for anti-ageing and brightening. The Medik 8 Natural Clay Mask is also really great for all skin types, it has a very pleasant scent and helps get rid of the congestion in the skin whilst also keeping the skin hydrated as it contains Vitamin E. ” ~ Therapist Gabrielle @Broadmeadows
Products you should always be using are:
Cleanser (morning and night)
Exfoliator (1-2 times a week at night (if your cleanser doesn’t have a chemical exfoliator in it))
Serums (depending on the serum, it could be once or twice a day. The more serums you use the better)
Moisturiser (morning and night (have a day moisturiser and a night one) “~ Therapist Lain

Not sure where to start?

Each individual and their skin care routine is unique. However we can all do our best to follow at least the 4 basic steps in any routine.

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