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Cheaper Than Waxing

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Cheaper Than Waxing

$55 Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Special Offer

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Never before has a laser clinic offered laser hair removal cheaper than waxing – why not achieve permanent results?

Now for just an introductory price of $55, consumers can receive Brazilian laser hair removal with Sydney’s most reputable clinic.

Results Laser Clinic Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane provide the most cost-effective procedures with the highest standard of technology. After a quick and safe conducted treatment with one our qualified staff, you can resume daily activities immediately as any side effects will quickly subside.

Differences between brazilian waxing and laser hair removal
Brazilian Waxing Brazilian Laser Hair Removal
Temporary Results Permanent Reduction In 4 To 8 Treatments
Causes Ingrown Hairs Eliminates Ingrown Hairs
Slow And Painful Quick And Safe Procedure

Brazilian waxing allows you to feel smooth and silky for two weeks before the wiry hair appears, not to mention the red irritated and itchy skin, accompanied by ingrown hairs. Compared to waxing – brazilian laser hair removal is all about the hygienic feeling, absence of ingrown hairs and permanent hair reduction. Definitely making laser hair removal the better option.

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