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Most Trusted Laser Clinic

As seen on A Current Affair Results Laser Clinic is the Safest and Most Effective choice for consumers.

THE DANGERS OF LASER HAIR REMOVAL”, A Current Affair, 7 November 2008

As televised on a Current Affair, Results Laser Clinic is Sydney’s most reputable clinic with medical graded machines being safely operated by experienced technicians. In the unregulated laser industry, consumers need to beware of Results Laser Clinic differences:

High degree burns and scars Clients receive individualised skin and hair assessment to avoid burning and scarring.
Hair Stimulation Hair is permanently reduced in 6-10 treatments
Expensive and ineffective treatments Treatments are competitively priced and results are visible after the first treatment.
Underqualified technicians The Clinic undergoes intensive training programs and employs technicians with hair removal experience.
Bruising and swelling FDA medically approved technology and qualified laser technicians ensure this is a rarity.
Lengthy treatment time Qualified therapists provide efficient laser treatments

Save time researching and choose Results Laser Clinic Warren invested thousands of dollars in excess of ten laser treatments towards “permanent hair reduction.” The technologies used throughout some Sydney Clinics Warren visited resulted in thousands of lost dollars and skin discoloration and NO RESULTS. After consulting with Results Laser Clinic’s experienced technicians, Warren wisely invested his money and has had noticeably visible results after just two treatments.


While there are many clinics operating throughout Sydney, buyers beware:

  • Ensure laser therapists are trained and experienced.
  • Don’t be misled by discounted treatments and false advertising claims.
  • Beware of the different types of technology.
  • Check qualifications of technicians.
  • Listen to the positive experiences of other consumers.
  • Do your research.

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