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Prevention, pre or post? How can facials help?


Prevention, pre or post? How can facials help?

A new take on the role of facials

So we have been privy to articles on the inner secrets of pre-show facial pampering for supermodels. But what of the rest of us? Without a private beauty therapist to fly in from LA or the incentive of red carpet events to show off our dewy fresh-faced look, why & how should we embrace the facial? Long term, before or even after an event? It seems there is an option for everyone.


The longer term benefits of facial treatments are based around harnessing the body’s natural healing ability to regenerate collagen, keeping our skin plumped & smooth. Treatments such as Clinical Skin Needling & LED Light Therapy top the polls but for of us those allergic to commitment or looking in the mirror & seriously wondering if its to late…

Just before the big event?

Recovery time is key. With a few days up your sleeve, skin needling may be an option, especially if combined with a good mineral make-up for coverage of any redness.
For those of us running out of work, via the dry cleaner –  who is removing the cake-stains off the dress, rolled up in the bottom of the cupboard since its last outing – there is still hope of arriving fresh-faced!

The “Micro O2” is a mini-combination of two treatments; Microdermabrasion & Oxygen Facial Therapy, which takes only 20 minutes and 4 easy steps: cleanse, exfoliation, hydration & infusion. Makeup can be applied immediately after, so you are on your way, feeling a million dollars.

Video: Microdermabraision & Oxygen Facial Treatment. Cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate & infuse.

What does it do?

Exfoliation gives skin a smoother texture & brighter more even skin tone. Oxygen infusion reduces the appearance of fine lines around the eyes & mouth, creating better definition around your cheeks & jaw.

And after the event…?

…I hear you groan, head in hands.

For those of us waking up looking ten years older from lack of sleep, with dehydrated, dull, lifeless skin & last night’s excesses & sticky bar floor, clinging to our pores, the Micro O2 can also help how you look, if not how you feel.

Partying removes water from the skin causing fine lines to deepen. The pores constrict leading to spots. Skin slows its renewal process, leaving the complexion dull.

Exfoliation leaves fresh, new skin & decongested pores, into which are diffused oxygen & active ingredients to rehydrate, reduce the appearance of fine lines  & kick-start the renewal process. Chances are you’ll look better than you did the night before!

Partying dehydrates skin & constricts pores. Microdermabraision & Oxygen Facial Therapy decongest & re-hydrate the skin.

Which facial for you?

Results Laser Clinic has 40 clinics nationwide & are committed to delivering results that make you look & feel your best, whatever your approach to life or skincare.




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