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Laser Hair Removal for Men: Removing misconceptions and more

Confused about laser hair removal for men or unsure about where/how to begin? 

We’ve got your back (literally).

With the rise in #manscaping and grooming in the media, there has been a growth in the popularity of Laser Hair Removal for men with up to 85% of Australian men opting for this method.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Using grade 4 medical lasers accredited by Syneron Candela, Laser Hair Removal uses a concentrated laser beam that destroys your hair follicles and over time, reduces hair growth. All without disrupting or damaging the skin’s surface.

Why is Laser Hair Removal for men a popular choice?

Who has time to shave or spend hours at a beauty salon getting waxed?

Not only do you enjoy the convenience of ditching that razor or performing gymnastics to get to those hard to reach places – the results are long lasting, less painful and your treatments are in monthly intervals. Depending on your hair type, we recommend a minimum of 6 to 10 treatments for optimum results.

Shaving vs. Laser Hair Removal

Imagine not having to shave every 3-4 days? So much more room for activities!

With most men needing to shave or trim every few days to maintain their face or body, Laser Hair Removal is an efficient and effective way of reducing time in the long run as well as preventing after shave rash, redness and ingrowns.

Did you know …

On average 40% of treatments performed at Results Laser Clinic are on men? 

Am I too hairy?

No. Absolutely not. 

Prior to your appointment, you’re required to shave the priority area/s as this allows the follicles to be effectively lasered. With regular sessions, you will see an overall reduction in hair growth. Moreover, the use of Candela Gentlelase Pro and GentleYag Pro technology enable a range of skin tones to be treated.

So, where can men Laser?

Basically anywhere (except your scalp). 

Start by sculpting your beard, enjoy a silky smooth chest or define your neckline. Our most popular treatments, especially in the lead up to summer include

  • Chest & Stomach
  • Full Back
  • Arms
  • Half Back
  • Full Bottom

And ….. Downstairs. The Male Brazilian

The Male Brazilian – in a bit of a situation?

Whether you are looking for a tidy up or a clean look – we can tailor a treatment program based on your priorities. And for those who want to go the distance, yes we treat the front and all the way to the back.

What is the up keep?

It is minimal. The procedure is simple, effective and painless and after a recommended minimum of 6-10 sessions, you will notice a reduction in hair growth. Remember, everyone is different, so you may require maintenance treatments. However, this still means you won’t need to spend time agonising in front of a mirror in figuring out HOW TO shave those stubborn strays you just can’t seem to reach or get rid of.

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When is the best time to start treatments?

Autumn-Winter is an ideal time for Laser Hair Removal treatments as the skin is generally out of the sun. Due to the decrease in sun exposure, this reduces the risk of experiencing reactions to treatment. It is still important to follow our recommended after care.

And the best thing of all? You’re in control of which areas you want lasered and have the option of having a target or a combination of areas lasered. 

Check out how you can stay smooth and stylish from sunrise to sundown!


Redness, itchiness, small red bumps and sensitivity are all common reactions. Immediately after laser, Results Active Recovery Gel must be applied on your treated areas. This assists with keeping the skin cool and reduce further irritation.

Other important aftercare includes, but is not limited to

  • Avoiding excessive sun exposure on the treated areas for 2 weeks
  • Use only cool or lukewarm water when showering in the first 24 to 48 hours
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Avoid exercise 24 hours after

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