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Causes of pimples on face in adults: Top tips on how to prevent face breakouts

If we had to choose a single thing we didn’t miss about being a teenager, the answer would’ve been unanimous: pimples. Taxes over breakouts, anyday. But just like understanding your finances, by delving into the causes of pimples on the face in adulthood, you can finally regain control of your skin. It’s time to show them who’s boss!


Here are the 4 main causes of pimples on the face in adults and essential tips on how to avoid them:


  1. Buildup of skin cells, dirt and oil

Pimples, breakouts, whiteheads and blackheads are formed when a buildup of dead skin cells, dirt, oil and acne causing bacteria clog your pores. Leading inflammation, irritation and unsightly red blemishes.


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TOP TIP #1: Wash your face twice daily and exfoliating on a regular basis

By regularly washing your face in the morning and night, your skin is free from the dead skin cells, dirt and environmental pollutants that have inhabited on your face during the day. An additional step in your journey to a clearer complexion is exfoliating. Chemical Peels are an effective way to target priorities such as

  • Treating active acne
  • Eliminating acne causing bacteria to prevent future breakouts
  • Evens out your complexion
  • Reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation
  • Improves texture
  • Tightens pores

Combined with the healing properties of LED Light Therapy, you are on your way to a blemish-free and radiant complexion. This treatment effectively destroys acne causing bacteria, soothes and calms inflammation as well as encourages cellular repair.

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TOP TIP #2: Change your pillowcases on a regular basis

Your friend who’s regularly changing their pillowcase may have been on to something. Studies have shown that changing your pillowcase every few days can reduce the chances of your skin from breaking out. Why? Over time, your pillowcase becomes a haven for dead skin cells, dirt and oil from your clothes, face and hair.

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TOP TIP #3: Wash your hair frequently to avoid oil transferring onto your face

We’ve all slept in dirty and oily hair after a night out or a long week and have woken up to the unwelcome sight of a pimple or 2 on the face – surprise! By washing your hair regularly especially after exercising can reduce oils from the hair from transferring onto your face and contributing to the pimple population.


  1. Harsh chemicals and/or incorrect skincare products

We’ve all bought into skin care marketing at one point. I see it, I want it, I got it (and now I’ve got acne). Harsh chemicals and skincare products that don’t suit your skin type can cause irritation or infection in the skin, leading to breakouts.


Wearing sunscreen is an investment your skin will thank you in the future. By minimising your time in the sun and wearing sunscreen, you can prevent your skin from drying out and producing excess oil that can clog your pores.


TOP TIP #4: Wear sunscreen

White sticky casts from sunscreen are a thing of the past. With Results Active Protect SPF 50+, you can both moisturise and protect your skin from the sun. Lightweight and oil free, it can be worn by itself or underneath your daily makeup. Who said sun safety couldn’t be comfortable?


TOP TIP #5: Ensuring that your skin is pH balanced

Like people, the skin performs its best when it’s at its happiest and that’s the pH level of 5.5. Harsh ingredients in skincare can throw your skin’s pH balance off, leaving it more prone to irritation, redness and discomfort: the prime environment for a variety of skin conditions.

3. Diet

So much to do, so little time. As easy it is to eat out all the time, the effects of eating a large amount of oily and highly processed food shows (quite literally on the skin). Studies have shown that there are links between eating highly processed foods and breakouts forming on the face in adults. By consuming a balanced diet rich in nutrients, your body is able to function at its peak.

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TOP TIP #6: Ensure that you drink an adequate amount of water

By drinking a sufficient amount of water everyday, your skin can adequately clear away toxins, keeping the skin hydrated and oil levels balanced. Dry and dehydrated skin often prompts the body to produce more oil which then increases the chance of breakouts occuring.


  1. Hormones

The skin’s response to hormonal changes can lead to breakouts. The rise in hormone levels can trigger higher production of oil, colonisation of acne causing bacteria and inflammation of clogged pores.


Starting or stopping contraceptive pills play a huge part in causing face breakouts in adults as they cause hormone levels to fluctuate accordingly. By consulting with your healthcare professional and testing out which options work best for you, smooth skin is just a step away!


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